A Retro Retreat in the Desert: The Ace Hotel

DSC_0225Apart from being a favorite vacation spot as I grew up traveling with my family (the trip always meant intense heat, swimming, and of course, Fennec Foxes at the zoo), I grew to love the architecture and landscape of Palm Springs whilst staying in Sidney Sheldon’s home (the guy behind I Dream of Jeannie). I now appreciate the area as a Midcentury oasis in a sweltering desert and returned recently for a mom/daughter trip. 113 may read as insane to San Francisco dwellers, but it was an agreeable number on my weather app.

Before the trip I researched Midcentury homes in the area and found out my boss had lived there. Her tip led me to the totally retro and kinda kitsch Ace Hotel. In a past life, I lived sometime between 1960 and 70′, so needless to say I was obsessed and ran (literally) around the resort and public pool furiously photographing the place. There were giant macrame window displays and geometric rugs and Midcentury teak chairs, and I was smitten!




DSC_0252If I had a house, I’d snatch everything from The Ace Hotel lobby and haul it away with me. The mix of natural textures and bright geometric textiles throughout the space make it a chill 70s style lounge that fits perfectly with the vintage theme of the hotel (because nothing says the seventies like giant beaded macrame curtains).

The geometric patchwork rug and colorful Kilim pillows work perfectly with the sectional and leather butterfly chair to give to space a bright bohemian vibe, and an awesome lone guitar sits in the corner (presumable for any guest who wants to sit back and strum).






DSC_0265Some suites include private courtyards with desert-worthy outdoor fireplaces, and several chic lounge areas can be found in between rooms (I tried sneaking into a few of the Ace hotel rooms to no avail, so I settled for shooting the plethora of patios throughout the resort). The Ace is also home to large public pools, so you don’t have to be a guest to escape the intense desert heat or enjoy their log-shaped floaties.

The architecture and eclectic artwork that comprise the Ace are also something to admire. The clean, modern lines and pristine white of each building fit well with the aesthetic of Palm Springs, while lofty palms and scraggly trees surround the suites and pathways with the landscape of the desert. A large color-blocked mural and two conspicuous chairs adorn a large wall, and a marque sign points right, letting you know that that everything will be ok.



DSC_0274The desert is quite dear to my heart, and during my next Palm Springs adventure, I know where I’ll be staying.

If you ever read this Camille, thanks for the suggestion!


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