For the Love of Fjellse

When I can’t shake an idea or project that’s been brewing in my head, I hold on to it until I’ve seen it through. Finding and staining a Fjellse was one of those projects.

It was a simple DIY really. I researched IKEA’s cheapest bed frame and the fabulous ways you could hack it, and found there weren’t many examples of stained Fjellses on the web (not even Pinterest!), so I wanted to document my own project.


DSC_0066I managed to find mine in perfect condition, with slats, for way less than it was already worth, and my boyfriend Max and I picked it up and brought it to his house. I used a quart of wood stain (“Early Amerian” Minwax brand stain specifically–my first stain was too orange) and a simple brush, and for the love of Fjellse, it sure looks great now.


DSC_0140I only used stain and a brush I bought for about 7 bucks at Home Depot and let the pieces dry over night. If I had stained each piece on the same day, it would have taken under two hours to complete.

DSC_0177Also, Max felt the need to stage me like this after I was finished, like a Fjellse staining boss. I’ll add the end result soon!

Photos by Max Krongaus




4 thoughts on “For the Love of Fjellse

  1. Hey! I have this same bed frame, and I was also planning on staining it. Just curious– what was the first stain you used? I bought minwax red mahogany, but now I’m afraid it’s going to look suuuper red on pine. Also, did you use any kind of finish? Somebody told me to use tung oil mixed with mineral spirits, which I’m probably going to try.

    1. Hi! The brand I used originally was Varathane and I think it was “Light Walnut”. It came it very red and not at all what I thought it would look like. I didn’t use a finish on the frame, and so far it’s been fine 🙂

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