Love & Lovely Creative Studio

Discovering Love & Lovely Creative Studio was a moment of serendipity on my walk to Sonoma Plaza on Tuesday. Their logo and display of hanging vintage bulbs caught my eye, but a peek through the window at their modern space had me hooked.

The photography office of Allyson Wiley turned overall creative studio, has become a workspace for a handful of extremely creative event designers. Clients have several resources here, including wedding planners (Quintana Events, Whitney Nelson Events, and Kate Siegal Fine Events), photographers (Alyson Wiley Photography and Rebecca Gosslin), floral designers (Poppystone Floral Couture and Julie Stevens Designs), a cake designer (Sweet on Cake), and many more.

Love & Lovely is divided into separate areas including a front lounge with tufted leather chairs and a gorgeous gray chesterfield as the focal point (no doubt for planners and their clients to discuss details), a long work table, and office desks. The space has been redesigned since it opened, from a room of soft neutrals and shabby chic to a modern design scheme with a bold black wall and an industrial edge (and a fun neon sign that really pops!)–a more encompassing change that reflects their status as “creative studio”.

Examples of the studio’s work have been incorporated into the decor, with a large gallery of Instagram-like images covering one wall (no doubt of past events) and large framed engagement photos lining a photo ledge. There is also a green curio cabinet of pamphlets and albums that give visitors an idea of the lovely work these designers do.

If you’re ever wandering off of Sonoma Plaza on Broadway, check out Love & Lovely. You’ll be greeted by friendly designers, a laid back atmosphere, and some seriously chic design.

Thank you Love & Lovely for letting me photograph your studio!


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