I Really Want a Mid-Century Chair

Months ago, I was inspired by the fabulous Mid-Century teal armchair pictured below. Teal is such a vintage color. I seriously see it everywhere in older furniture, classic cars, textiles, and the like. Mid-Century is also still trending (albeit, a very pricey trend), and I want in on it before something else takes over. So I’ve been on a quest to find an affordable Mid-Century or MC inspired chair for my bedroom…ideally a teal one, but I’m open-minded.

via Design Sponge

I’ve found a few affordable-ish options on different websites (some are even on sale!) and some that cost more than my San Francisco rent:

via Cost Plus World Market

A coral Mid-Century chair via Cost Plus World Market–not teal, but I also absolutely love coral and salmon. This beauty is on sale for $159.99 and may be my top contender!

via Urban Outfitters

Perfectly teal and Mid-Century inspired. On sale for $279, this would be the perfect piece if it were only a little bit cheaper… yes, I have a tight budget, even though this price is excellent. Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and order it! *Le sigh* I can only imagine a colorful Kilim pillow thrown onto this guy.

via Joybird Furniture

$999 is cheap, right!? At least Joybird lets you customize the look of their chair frames, including the color and wood stain. Mine turned out looking like this, obviously.

Decisions, decisions! I’m waiting on some good news, so if it happens, I’m aiming for the coral chair to celebrate.


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