San Francisco Airbnb: 9 Apartments I’d Love to Vacation In

After my mom asked me to find a place for her to stay in the city while she visits, I suggested Airbnb and got a little curious. I never realized what a treasure trove of design inspiration the website was, or how many adorable San Francisco apartments and studios I would be able to explore!

I searched through about 56 pages of beautiful homes, studios, in-law apartments, and garden bungalows and picked my favorites. If I were still from out of town looking to stay in the city on the cheap and in a more private setting, these are the eclectic, modern, and design-centric Airbnbs I would rent:

A “Modern Victorian” in NOPA

via Airbnb

An airy apartment with white walls, modern furniture (i.e. a beautiful Noguchi table and Eames molded plastic chair), and flora all around, this glowing home would be the perfect San Francisco Victorian experience.

I love the collection of plants along the fireplace mantel and the mint accent wall behind the tv. You also get a feel for the apartment’s Victorian heritage through the bay windows in the living room and columns on the fireplace.

A “Private Guest Studio” in The Outer Sunset

via Airbnb

Essentially my dream studio, this space is filled with bits of Southwestern chic, i.e. the rug, wooden armchair, and horseshoe and God’s Eye hanging on the walls.

A “Bright Apartment” in Potrero Hill

via Airbnb

I’m not sure whether it was the cactus in the corner of the living room or the teal molded plastic bar stools that drew me into this space…actually it was probably the multi-colored chevron rug and blankets on the sofa. I am a textile nerd after all.

Anyway, I love the bright accents in this pristine apartment. Also, Potrero Hill has some of the most beautiful views of San Francisco, and everything in this space is positioned perfectly for a weekend of relaxing and taking in the city.

A “Sunny Studio” in Downtown San Francisco

via Airbnb

I call the style of this studio “Southwestern Psychedelic Chic”, truly because of the serape draped over the sofa and the 60s styled print of the woman looking over the Golden Gate Bridge. Everything fits so well into its color scheme, from the blankets and bedding to the bright accents here and there (i.e. the succulent pots on the desk and tassel lampshade). I also really dig the loft bed and how much space it has created for other areas of the room.

A “Craftsman Home” in Bernal Heights

via Airbnb

Textiles. Textiles everywhere. I can’t get enough of the geometric pillows, bright blankets, and moroccan poufs in this amazing apartment! Everything is beautifully cluttered with culture, color, and craftsman furniture and I would be happy vacationing in a home like this (especially in a city that is just as diverse).

A “Great House” in Duboce Triangle/ Castro

via Airbnb

Another classic Victorian, this apartment looks like it was designed by a particular individual rather than a magazine stylist. It is a great example of how personal accents and diversity in style can enrich a home. There are modern, antique, and found pieces within this home that make it unique and give it a cozy, “lived-in” feel. I would expect nothing more from a home in this area of San Francisco!

A “Classic, Airy One Bedroom” in Pacific Heights

via Airbnb

Wild, wild horses couldn’t drag me away from this Airbnb! But seriously, this is a beautiful apartment. The blue sofa and photo hanging above it drew me in, but I love how modern and Southwestern style are paired in this home.

What might be a reclaimed wood coffee table is styled with succulents, Victoria Smith’s “See San Francisco”, and a book of artwork by Georgia O’Keefe. Patterned throw pillows rest on the sofa, and a cowhide seems to have been added underneath sometime later. And speaking of wood, I long for the hardwood flooring in the living room *sigh*.

A “Clean and Modern” Cottage in The Mission

via Airbnb

Not particularly my style (well, besides the rug of course), but I love the feel of this apartment. The natural light that flows from the skylight and windows into this modern studio and the placement of its furniture makes it airy, clean, and organized. Because the room is so narrow, a perfectly sized sofa was placed between the bed and coffee table, creating a sitting space and dividing the two areas.

The kitchen cabinets, tile back splash, and shelves blend easily into the white walls and only a few pieces of artwork have been hung, making everything appear less cluttered. Also, those hardwood floors have to be original, and they definitely add character to the place!

Needless to say, I am now addicted to Airbnb and the design fix it offers me after I’ve scoured through every possible home tour and decor post in the blogosphere. I think this will become a regular post on The Tufted (I’ve already started looking through San Diego, my hometown) and I can’t wait to explore and compare other cities.


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