Piccino Coffee Bar

"Piccino Coffee Bar" on The TuftedI bought my morning chai at Piccino nearly every morning the year I worked in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. I’ve read you need a favorite coffee place (that is NOT Starbucks) in this city, so I guess Piccino is mine and I’m officially a real San Franciscan (yay!).

Maybe it was the little things like the vibrant, ever changing bouquets around the store and its bright yellow building, or the esoteric Dogpatch neighborhood that gave it it’s charm. Perhaps I really just love obscure neighborhood cafes.

I’m not a coffee drinker, so I can’t tell you how the coffee tastes here, but I can tell you that over time I experienced a phenomenon where I began to crave their chai more than its sugary counterpart at Starbucks. Plus, I loved their mini brioche sandwiches and ginger scones. Their pastries were perfect for sneaking out of work and walking to buy a quick breakfast.


"Piccino Coffee Bar" on The Tufted

"Piccino Coffee Bar" on The Tufted

"Piccino Coffee Bar" on The Tufted

"Piccino Coffee Bar" on The Tufted

"Piccino Coffee Bar" on The Tufted

"Piccino Coffee Bar" on The TuftedNow that I’ve moved on from the Dogpatch, Piccino is no longer a tree-lined walk down the street away from work, so I’ll pop in from time to time when I meet Max for lunch and order my old chai. It may not be a Philz, and it’s a little ritzier than Dogpatch Cafe, but Piccino is still just a sweet neighborhood coffee bar in a food desert. Definitely a hipster vibe going here.

The cafe is actually part of Piccino the restaurant, which I have yet to experience. But when I live in the Dogpatch (which seems to be mine and Max’s tentative plan for part of life anyway) or fulfill my odd dream of a night out there after I’ve found my dream job,  this will still be one of my favorites.


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