Layering with Textiles: Bedding with Global Flair

It may not be clear yet on The Tufted (sarcasm), but I am a lover of all things textiles–especially those of cultures whose design aesthetic is full of patterns, color, and any interesting beadwork or applique. I enjoy collecting different pieces, whether they be tapestries, rugs, or blankets, and am always inspired by design articles that feature them.

Recently, an Apartment Therapy home tour inspired me to round up bedrooms that add culture and character to their bedding through global textiles:

via Aphrochic
via Aphrochic

I’m not entirely sure what to call the tapestry thrown over this duvet–it may be a Kantha quilt and the burnt umber color and saffron patches are gorgeous –but it adds some color to this chic bedroom and pairs well with the hardwood flooring, golden bedskirt, and red and purple Kilim throw pillow. These pieces are subtle, but they do so much to the room!

via Apartment Therapy

I couldn’t pull my eyeballs away from this bold bedroom. When you strip it down to the bare bones, it is truly just a room with dark hardwood flooring, stark white walls, and brown curtains. But the rich colors and stripes of the Serape and its smaller counterparts, and the slightly disheveled look of the rest of the bedding are what really give the space some character and make it welcoming. Also, I adore Mexican folk textiles.

via The Marion House Book

What’s that I was saying about Mexican textiles? Get ready because Otomi Tenangos are coming to The Tufted and this is the first of many I’ll feature. The Otomi coverlet in this dark bedroom is a bright blue extension of its walls and contrasts perfectly with the golden Otomi pillow and colorful Mola cushion on the bed. These pieces set the tone for the folk art inspired space and add some whimsy to it.

via The Design Files
via Amber Interiors

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