The Embroidered Cacti of Sarah K. Benning

Cacti and succulents always stay chic. They come in endless textures and shades, are easy to care for, and instantly add life to a room. And seeing as they hail from the romanticized desert, these prickly plants have become a symbol of bohemian living and a free-spirited lifestyle.

DIYs, crochet patterns, and gorgeous cacti folk art have adorned the pages of design blogs and Etsy shops for a while now, including the work of Sarah K. Benning, whose artwork I found while digging through textile artists on Instagram. I’m not sure about you all, but if you’ve ever taken up serious embroidering, it takes FOREVER and will leave a few fingers numb.

Sarah’s adorable cacti creations are simple and sweet, but extremely detailed and show true craftsmanship. Each piece is framed by the hoop she used to create it, and her designs also include ¬†geometric images and typography. I would love to have one of these in my bedroom or kitchen and will absolutely look into buying one as soon as her shop reopens:

via Sarah K. Benning
via Sarah K. Benning
via Sarah K. Benning
via Sarah K. Benning

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