Chic Buys to Celebrate the Fall

I’ve never spent the Fall anywhere else but California, and the closest I’ve gotten to an East coast or Midwest “climate” was while I lived in Davis–which really wasn’t bad at 35 degrees (but freezing to this San Diego gal).

I think Californians who don’t experience changing seasons have a unique way of compensating for it. We light more scented candles and sport thin scarves even when it’s 70 degrees outside, or we’ll hang garland and pile artificially scented pine cones around our homes. The leaves may not really be falling around us or changing colors, but we can still participate in our own way during Autumn. Here are a few chic buys I found to make home feel more like Fall:

Watercolor Feathers Print:

Chunky Cable Knitted Blanket:

Locust Pia Mugs:

Autumn Spice Harvest Candle:

Tasha Stripe Lumbar Pillow:

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