Piles of Pillows: A Recipe for a Bohemian Sofa

Recently I’ve been downsizing in an attempt to make my painfully small bedroom feel larger and less cluttered. I folded up my new bird shams yesterday and stuffed their pillows in our linen closet, leaving only my two tufted beauties and embroidered cushion behind. For a gal who loves pillows, saying a temporary goodbye to mine was disheartening (goodbye until I find a bigger place one fine day).

Minimalists will tell you that “less is more”, and de-cluttering parts of my tiny space has definitely made things feel lighter…but when it comes to design, I’m in cahoots with Robert Venturi’s “less is a bore!”. I’ll take patterns and colorful textiles in a room over plain walls any day.

So lately I’ve found inspiration on the couches of bohemian-minded designers. Their collections of Kilim throws, geometric cushions, and bright pillows (usually from parts of the Eastern Hemisphere) give their sofas a vibrant, worldly feel, and I’ve been ogling this trend on my Pinterest for a while:

via The Design Files
via Design Sponge
via sfgirlbybay
via Old Brand New from The New Bohemians
via The Jungalow

My own small love seat in our living room isn’t quite this eclectic or bright (a bit “matchy matchy” for my taste, but that’s what you get when roommates can’t agree on a style), and most of my bedding cushions are stuffed elsewhere…but for now I can look to these beautifully bohemian living rooms for future apartment ideas and design eye candy.


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