Thrifty Finds and Flowers on Piedmont Avenue

A few weeks ago I journeyed to the Piedmont area of Oakland to pick up a lovely chair I found on Craiglist (I’ll be featuring it soon!). I had visited once during college with a friend who grew up there and was smitten with Piedmont Avenue. Years later, I finally had my chance to explore after picking up my chair.



I didn’t take many photos of the street, though I’m sure I’ll be back for some design and post inspiration, but I found the adorable Mille Fiori flower stand tucked into an alley of shops and a funky local mural, among other things.

Piedmont Avenue is filled with local markets, cafes and restaurants, and secondhand and vintage shops like Rare Bird and Resurrect (both AMAZING stores!). I stumbled upon The American Cancer Society’s awesome thrift store just off of the street and found a collection of cheap vintage clothing, artwork, eclectic oddities, and furniture-if I had the room I’d be back for those orange velour chairs!



I was absolutely enthralled by this adorable embroidered cushion, but decided I didn’t need more pillows! I hope someone takes this rare piece home with them, perhaps another folk art enthusiast.



Ironically, I found a pair of orange velour chairs after I’d picked up mine. They weren’t priced yet, but I’m sure they cost way less than what I paid for mine! I will hopefully be back again soon to scavenge for more unique pieces like these.


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