A Chair in “Golden Poppy”

A Chair in "Golden Poppy"

I went through a phase where I was constantly changing my bedding every few months. My heart was never set on just one blanket or comforter, and I was always falling in love with new pieces I’d find on Anthropologie (though not actually buying them) or home goods stores.

I recall a persnickety roommate’s remark after I’d brought one from home to our Davis apartment-“another new blanket!?” she chided. Yes, former roommate whose bedroom and taste are both quite basic-that was another piece of bedding. I am after all a creative and the product of an interior design mother who never left my childhood bedroom in the same design state for more than a few months.

So in light of this fact, I’m not ashamed to say that I have the same issue with chairs lately. I love what they can do to a room, and though I recently found a curbside chair, I still yearned for another; something cozier and more in tune with my eclectic taste. Scavenging through craigslist, this “Golden Poppy” vintage velour swivel chair was up for sale and I drove in the early morning to retrieve it. Needless to say, I adore my new tufted chair and relish the name it was given and how awesome it looks with my Pendleton blanket:

A Chair in "Golden Poppy"

A Chair in "Golden Poppy"

A Chair in "Golden Poppy"

The “Golden Poppy” chair replaced my curbside find, but I plan to refurbish it sometime later. I feel as though I’ve found the perfect chair for my style and bedroom and am constantly inviting Max to have a smoke in it or my roommates to give it a whirl. I plan to buy another new piece in the near future and will provide The Tufted with a long spiel about it as well.


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