A Trend: Bunches of Baskets

I’m a sucker for baskets…often my first order of business at a thrift store is to hit the basket section. Usually it’s a dusty pile in the corner, or a random woven duck on a clothing rack nearby, but I love and marvel at each of them and I think back to when I was learning coiled basketry in college. There’s something about an ancient craft that pulls at my heart, and I’m just fascinated by baskets. Or maybe I’m just a hoarder?

Anyway, I don’t end up buying any typically because well, in my ever dwindling San Francisco bedroom, space is scarce and I’d rather save it for the rattan shelf I’ll be telling you about soon! So lately I’ve sat and admired an ongoing trend that has popped up more and more in the bohosphere over the past few years:

Collections of coiled baskets are dotting the walls of every kind of room, bunched together in different sizes, colors, and beautiful patterns. Many hail from different parts of Africa including the “Plateau” bowls and winnowing baskets of Zimbabwe. I love this globally inspired look! These displays look so elegant against painted walls or simply as collective statement pieces, and the trend has even extended to hanging pendant lights (which I ADORE and want in my own home!).

via Old Brand New
via Change & Co.
via Country Living
via Studio Ashby
via Stagetecture

Maybe this is the excuse I need to bring those lonely vessels home with me? Or look into some fair trade vendors like these to purchase some authentic African bowls:

1. Indego Africa

2. Connected Artisans

3. Baskets of Africa


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