Angela Rizza’s Whimsical and Intricate Illustrations

I found Angela Rizza’s work on Society6 after I searched “cactus” to find any photos or artwork I could add to my growing collection. This is what popped up:

via Society6

I adore cactuses and love birds (as you know if you’ve read other posts here) and this print was just so beautiful and detailed I had to check out more of her stuff! And to my delight, I found this:

via Society6

A HOOPOE! This is one of my favorite species, (I’ve even considered getting a hoopoe tattoo), and a bird I’ve actually felted for a small project in college. Apparently Angela is a fellow avian enthusiast, and her work is filled with bright illustrations of different species.

via Society6
via Society6

I love how festive her style is–it almost reminds me of Mexican folk art with its many layers and bright colors. I’m so glad I found her work and will eventually be ordering one of her prints!


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