Holiday Cotton DIYs to Help You Pile On the Fluff

Cotton has appeared again and again during the holidays as a chic idea for decorating your tree, dinner table, wreath, or any piece you’re likely to have during November and December really.

Like most nature-inspired looks, I love this one! It’s unique, simple, and works in any tuft of greenery. I’ll definitely be trying one of these DIYs (or my own) while I deck out my house for the holidays!

DIY Copper + Cotton Wreath

via Green Wedding Shoes

Copper and cotton are a popular and very chic combo–this tutorial shows you how to create a wreath with fresh materials and bits of copper, and of course, some fluff in between.

Faux Cotton Branch DIY

via eHow

If you want to get really crafty, you can have fun creating your own cotton stems with this DIY!

DIY Holiday Bough

via Gardenista

A really beautiful tutorial, the steps here can be applied to designing your own wreaths or table centerpieces!


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