Furniture Love: Tufted Velvet Seating

As my blog name implies, I LOVE tufted furniture, and particularly pieces in velvet or velour. Scrolling through a secondhand website like Craigslist or Chairish (which I quite literally do daily) and stumbling upon a funky, retro piece dotted with tight buttons and shimmering in tacky velour is one of those amazing “little things” that only an old furniture geek understands.

At the end of November, I started working for a vintage furniture company, and these velvet morsels are always popping up in our queue. So needless to say, this round-up is all about the tufted velvet seat! I was inspired by an exquisite (and affordable!) lime green velvet sofa on Chairish and started searching for more, though truly I’m always on the lookout for these pieces. But I thought I’d gather a few secondhand tufted velvet chairs and couches that are more readily available online and that will add a bit of that 70s chic panache to your space.


Where to shop:

  1. Green Velour Sofa from Chairish
  2. Retro Floral Accent Chair from Chairish
  3. Mid-Century Modern Aqua Chairs from Etsy
  4. Pink MCM Tufted Chairs from Etsy
  5. Orange Tufted Couch from Etsy

Which is your favorite?


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