Design Inspiration From the Alice & Olivia Shop

For someone who loves textiles, it’s ironic I’m not more in love with fashion. Don’t get me wrong–I do love vintage pieces and thrifting for clothes, and a good embroidered blouse–but I like my fabrics on furniture and the design of a rug more. So when I walked into Alice & Olivia, a peppy designer boutique on Fillmore St. here in the city with my roommate, I was the one ogling the furniture while the others ogled the merchandise (and I will admit, it IS adorable stuff). I’d been before, but I had my camera with me this time and decided to capture the Mid-Century velour pieces and to-die-for shelving used as props and sitting areas.

The Alice & Olivia boutique is an amalgamation of Mid-Century and 70s pieces, chic modern style, and pop art inspired clothing. Brown velour chairs are situated throughout the store while heels, hats, and purses style vintage silver and brass etageres–a Mod paradise. Oh, and there’s lots of reflective stuff, like a gorgeous gold trunk and mirrored wall that give it a funky, lavish feel. Definitely a fun place to check out for furniture, or fashion–whichever you’re into.



Assuming this portrait is of the designer–this piece is totally in cahoots with the black vinyl bench and zebra hide below.




Of course, my favorite pieces are the sofa and armchairs.


I forgot to snap photos of the dressing rooms, but they’re covered in vibrant wallpaper.


I’m sure this is the dressing room of Mod dreams for some. No, I’m not into this style, but I can’t get over the shelves and chairs, and look at the maze on that upholstery!


MCM brass etageres–the prep in me wants a pair for my bedroom displaying my favorite pieces.


And a shot of my roommate, a die-hard fan of Alice & Olivia.

Are you an Alice & Olivia fan?


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