Curated Craigslist: A Pair of Pink Chairs

My current living situation is such that I have a single, small bedroom to fill with the treasures and trinkets I find during my wanderings. Meaning I have filled each square foot of real estate in here (from where I write) with a piece of furniture of some sort, and nearly all of my wall space with artwork and other hanging things. I also have a tufted chair that I LOVE, so it leaves me no room for the pair of absolutely to-die-for Mid-Century Modern chairs I found on Craigslist about a week ago (insert crying emoji)!

Sure, as my heart burst, I thought of giving it all up for these chairs. At $150, they’re a steal, and it appears as though they roll around on little brass casters–sooo MidMod chic! During my brief mania over the pair, my boyfriend kindly reminded me that I had no room, and well, not a whole lot of cash, to bring them home. So I turned to my blog to show anyone out there reading that these beauties are still up on SF Craigslist.

This Curated Craigslist is a mix of contemporary and vintage pieces, including the MCM chairs, and some florals thrown in for a chic, feminine look. The black trunk was another spectacular find for this collection, and the gray velvet sofa just seemed to work perfectly with the whole look!



Links to Shop:

Pink Chairs

Floral Rug

Gray Sofa

Floral Pillows

Black Trunk

Black Side Table


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