On Life, Adventures Home, and Falsa Blankets

Sorry for the late post! Life’s been pretty hectic, as usual, and I tend to bite off more than I can chew. My motivation to post on The Tufted more often has dipped a bit, and I’m struggling to juggle everything and still find some personal time. I wish I could dedicate more time to all of the creative stuff I love, like creating posts on this blog, or taking photography classes, or finally making my curtains longer by sewing more fabric and my leftover thrifted tassels onto the bottoms. Even in woodworking, I’m not able to spend more time in the workshop than the length of the class period. Life’s a grind, and being a creative in an expensive city is a grind. But I’m slowly working my way toward something.

I spent the weekend home in San Diego, basking in the sunshine, exploring every part of the city, and enjoying time with my family, friends, and pups. I miss home and nice weather, and I’m looking forward to warmer times, in every sense.

Before I went home, I made the decision to embark on a quest–for a Mexican falsa blanket. Truthfully, I’m not sure how I developed this mania of falsa blankets, but I’ve always loved Mexican and South American textiles in general, and I find them frequently in bohemian and vintage interiors. I’m also always looking for pieces of home and the stereotypical beachyness of Southern California. In the home tour of my friends’ apartment, you can find a falsa draped over their bite sized love seat–a perfect accent within the space of a couple from the California coast.

A bit of history about these blankets–erapes and falsas were woven by the indigenous Chichimecs of Mexico, and found within “poorer communities of Mexico and Guatemala” in precolonial days. Falsas in particular today are a blend of different materials including “acrylic, polyester, and cotton”.

There’s something really nonchalant, yet energetic about these blankets, so I set out to find one against the will of my mother who believed she could find a cheaper one during her frequent travels to Tijuana and Baja (you can’t get cheaper than 11 bucks, so waiting was out of the question). Anyway, I settled on this over saturated beauty (and came back from the trip with a few other goodies):

Yes, I found my falsa amidst a pile of several other falsas at a kitschy shop in Old Town after looking through a few stores like a tourist (and in my defense we were with one, a good family friend), but this one stood out from the bunch! So far I’ve draped it over my bed, washed it, then decided to fold it with my other blankets. I went looking for falsa inspiration and decided this post would feature the many ways in which you can use this iconic textile.

As a coverlet.

A super affordable way to a bedroom with a boho vibe and a pop of color and pattern. Seriously, it beats a $100, or even $50 duvet.

via Apartment Therapy
via Apartment Therapy

As a throw.

Because obviously. Falsas are warm! Cozy up with one on the sofa.

via Lovely Living
via Sfgirlbybay

As a throw pillow.

Falsas are equally as cool when DIYed for pillows!

via Pearmama

As a tablecloth. 

Perfect as a tablecloth for a wedding, kitchen, or hackneyed “Indie” al fresco Summer dinner.

via Seven Oaks

As upholstery.

Who knew that a fauteuil and a falsa were such a perfect match?

via Birch & Brass

Thoughts on juggling life, or falsa blankets?


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