5 Cactus Prints I Love

I think I’ve mentioned that as a kid, desert trips were the norm. My dad grew up in a few American oil communities in Arabia and my mom had a phobia of flying, so visiting the desert just made sense. It was beautiful, like home, and close. We traveled to Anza Borrego within San Diego County, through New Mexico, to Death Valley, and anywhere in and around California. I laughed the other day at my dad’s romanticization of Fresno as a scorching (we love hot weather), desert-like oasis. We didn’t make it to the central valley much unless it was simply to get through it, so I don’t quite think he has the right idea about Fresno.

There were a few other deserts…or hot, off the beaten path areas anyway…that we never made it to as kids, and I’m baffled that Joshua Tree was one of them. So after seeing the countless bohemian dwellings and photoshoots in Joshua Tree, looking at the allegedly life changing experiences people seem to be having on social media, and listening to the hype surrounding it from folks young and old(er), I’m keen on finally visiting! I always believed Joshua Tree was LA’s Borrego, but recently, a friend explained to me that it’s not all hype…that both are beautiful, but I just have to see Joshua Tree. And with J-Tree so close (under 3 hours away), I think myself and a few friends are finally planning to visit! But until then, I’ll happily plan for the trip and ogle these cactus inspired artworks:

1. Land & She Sonoran Desert Print

2. Laura Elizabeth “Desert Dreams” Print

3. Satchel & Sage Cactus Wood Art

4. Kind of Cyan “Cactus From the Desert” Cyanotype Print

5.  Fine Life Co. Desert Poster


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