Curated Craigslist: Vintage Florals

I may want to scrap my old flower sheets, but I will always have a thing for granny florals. Crewel floral still life textile art is hanging all over our studio and a Mid-Century sunflower oil painting Max’s mom gave us is currently gathering dust in my mom’s storage. Definitely squeezing that piece somewhere in here! But for now, I’m happy scavenging Craigslist for vintage and Mid-Century pieces. Needless to say, this Curated Craigslist is inspired by florals (and that settee in particular!).  Enjoy!

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Curated Cragislist: A Folk Art & Mid-Century Mix

Rattan, textiles, and folk pieces are a few of my favorite art forms, so I’m loving this particular Curated Craigslist. And as a fan of Mexican Otomi textiles in particular, I was obviously inspired to create a new collection when I found an Otomi upholstered Mid-Century chair. I threw in a few folk art pieces, like a ceramic llama and alebrije figurine for a bit of extra “cultura”, a Mid-Century sofa and set of side tables, and some extra woven pieces.

As I mentioned in my first CC post, this blog is truly about my love of vintage and things related, and with my Curated Craiglist series I hope to inspire anyone who reads this blog to go out and explore secondhand options for their home. Not only is it sustainable, but it’s super affordable!


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Mid-Century Sofa

Mid-Century Coffee Table

Folk Art Llama Figure

Wicker Chair

Mid-Century Otomi Upholstered Lounge Chair

Small Rug

Side Table Pair

Sinnerlig Pendant

Oaxacan Alebrije Figure

Mid-Century Martz Lamp

Curated Craigslist: A Deco Bedroom

Lately I’ve yearned for change. Perhaps it’s the monotony of work and classes, or maybe it’s Midnight In Paris suddenly appearing on Netflix?

But seriously..something’s gotta give and I’d love to do some traveling when I can. I yearned for the experience of exploring a new city and the romance of it all while watching Owen Wilson rendezvous through Paris in the Roaring 20s. I’ve actually walked those cobbled streets myself, but years ago with my family. But I was Owen 14 years ago, enamored by San Francisco and swearing I’d live there one day. I made it, and I’ve been here now for over three years. San Francisco is my Paris, but I feel as though new adventures may be on the horizon.

I see pieces from the Art Deco period daily at work and I’m always learning something new about the era, and others. This Curated Craigslist was inspired by the Anthropologie quilt and white bed frame combo, but after I added the dresser and tufted velvet chair (I can’t get away from them!), it slowly turned into an amalgamation of Deco, boho, and somehow, an artist’s retreat that you would find, perhaps, in bohemian Paree decades ago. The vanity I’d added formerly was replaced by a large easel, and the vintage brass horn just seemed right (ok, it’s a bit much)…and a potential piece of wall decor. Oh, and the chandelier was a must! That was long winded…

Anyways, enjoy!

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Anthropologie Bedding & White Bedframe

Red Velvet Chair

Pink Pillow

Mid-Century Nightstand


Art Prints

Vintage Horn



Curated Craigslist: A Pair of Pink Chairs

My current living situation is such that I have a single, small bedroom to fill with the treasures and trinkets I find during my wanderings. Meaning I have filled each square foot of real estate in here (from where I write) with a piece of furniture of some sort, and nearly all of my wall space with artwork and other hanging things. I also have a tufted chair that I LOVE, so it leaves me no room for the pair of absolutely to-die-for Mid-Century Modern chairs I found on Craigslist about a week ago (insert crying emoji)!

Sure, as my heart burst, I thought of giving it all up for these chairs. At $150, they’re a steal, and it appears as though they roll around on little brass casters–sooo MidMod chic! During my brief mania over the pair, my boyfriend kindly reminded me that I had no room, and well, not a whole lot of cash, to bring them home. So I turned to my blog to show anyone out there reading that these beauties are still up on SF Craigslist.

This Curated Craigslist is a mix of contemporary and vintage pieces, including the MCM chairs, and some florals thrown in for a chic, feminine look. The black trunk was another spectacular find for this collection, and the gray velvet sofa just seemed to work perfectly with the whole look!



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Pink Chairs

Floral Rug

Gray Sofa

Floral Pillows

Black Trunk

Black Side Table

Curated Craigslist: A Deep Blue Ottoman

Inspired by a bold, navy Moroccan-style pouf, this small mix of pieces was meant to be a tad boho (of course) and chic with gold accents and a floral Anthropologie rug (you know I’d be all over this if I had the room!). Oh, and I should mention I’ve seen the adorable little World Market settee in person and had to add it! I hope you enjoy:


Craigslist Items:

Curated Craigslist: A Yellow Vintage Beauty

I’ve had the idea for a while to start doing some styling on my blog and creating mood boards to share. Putting rooms and looks together is one of my favorite endeavors, and since my blog is truly about bohemian and vintage design (with a touch of eclecticism), I’ve decided to try a “Curated Craigslist” series: looks inspired by Craigslist finds!

I can honestly say I’m on the site every night scouring the Bay for vintage furniture and I’m itching to share how these preloved pieces can be repurposed with newer stuff! I’ll also try to curate collections from furniture in other cities as well, but for now I’ll stick to the Bay. So here’s my first Curated Craigslist: a southwestern mix inspired by a bright yellow velvet armchair and a few other used gems.



1. Yellow Velvet Wingback Chair

Stay tuned for more Curated Craigslist (and other collections)!