Go Big or Go Home: 5 Oversized Holiday Decor DIYS

As much as I’m a fan of miniatures, so too do I love giant versions of things. So I’ve obsessed over this season’s extra large holiday decoration zeitgeist…and those big DIY plush Christmas lights and ornaments! I used to sew stuffed animals as a hobby so I NEED to try these DIYs at some point. One of these years I’ll make time for concocting my own giant something something for the holidays. But anyways, here’s some inspiration for next year. I hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend!

Giant Plush Ornaments from Studio DIY!



A Freespirited Fall: 8 Cozy Boho DIYs

Finally, a new post! The past few months have been spent frantically getting our NEW APARTMENT together, adjusting to San Diego life, and splitting my time between work and school. Life has changed so much lately, and things have been difficult, but as always I’m establishing balance.

And yes, you read that correctly: Max and I have a new studio here in San Diego. It has been surreal moving into our own place, and it has presented its own challenges…but I can’t wait to finally reveal what we’re doing with the place in that cheesy, but quintessential home decor blogger “My Home Tour” post!

For now, Fall is falling–getting colder, pumpkin spicier, and cozier for some, and on the hot and sunny side (with the same long shadows and scent of new Autumn blooms in the air) for us here in San Diego. I haven’t had time to craft anything fall related amidst the chaos of this move, but I’m sure some of you out there do. And there are plenty of cozy, boho DIYs to give your home that Fall feeling. Here are a few:

Yarn Tassel Pillow Tutorial

When I think of Fall, I think of cozy, and when I think of cozy, I imagine pillows! Tassels are an easy way to add a boho feel to those Autumn pillows you’ve tossed onto your sofa or bed.

DIY Wreath

A wreath that will last through the holidays, this DIY combines a bit of textile design and your favorite flora.

DIY Chai Candles in Canning Jars

Candles are a necessity if you’re looking to add more ambiance to your home or if you want a cozier vibe;. I think I’ve mentioned before, but I’m pretty obsessed with them. I have half empty jars everywhere around our apartment. This chai candle DIY is perfect for adding some Fall scents to your home. And it’s candle making with canning jars–what’s more “Fall” than that?

Branch Weaving 101

This is a DIY I would love to try soon–weaving between found branches. These little woven pieces are perfect for hanging on a wall, for displays on a table, or altar embellishments. Oh, and they’re cheap to make!

Felt Flower Bouquet

Personally, I love flowers but struggle to keep them alive. So felt flowers are a fun alternative (and much lovelier than faux flowers, in my opinion). This tutorial gives options for different types of flowers, so creating a Fall felt bouquet is easy.

DIY Fresh Floral Moon Pumpkin

This is one of my FAVORITE DIYs! An effervescent alternative to kitsch Autumn decorating and its oversaturated oranges, yellows, and browns. Somehow, even as more of a chic, floral piece, this pumpkin still feels a bit–witchy?

Boho Fall Wreath

I believe that a principal of bohemian living is working with what’s around you to build your nest. This feather wreath uses pre-bought feathers and raffia, but wouldn’t it be so lovely with found foliage? Feathers this beautiful may be difficult to come by in your yard, but other twigs and branches and such can be substituted for the raffia. I’m really just a scavenger who loves to collect things, so I’m biased!

Mud Cloth Crochet Pillow Pattern & Tutorial

This is a super cozy take on traditional mud cloth pillows! Again, pillows just scream coziness, and crochet and knitting are total Fall activities (speaking of, I need to start crocheting gifts again!). It looks like a simple single crochet pattern with some stitching–so it may not be terrible as a beginner project.

Holiday Cotton DIYs to Help You Pile On the Fluff

Cotton has appeared again and again during the holidays as a chic idea for decorating your tree, dinner table, wreath, or any piece you’re likely to have during November and December really.

Like most nature-inspired looks, I love this one! It’s unique, simple, and works in any tuft of greenery. I’ll definitely be trying one of these DIYs (or my own) while I deck out my house for the holidays!

DIY Copper + Cotton Wreath

Copper and cotton are a popular and very chic combo–this tutorial shows you how to create a wreath with fresh materials and bits of copper, and of course, some fluff in between.

Faux Cotton Branch DIY


via eHow

If you want to get really crafty, you can have fun creating your own cotton stems with this DIY!

DIY Holiday Bough

A really beautiful tutorial, the steps here can be applied to designing your own wreaths or table centerpieces!

A Mild Tassel/Pom Pom Obsession

For a while I’ve been seeing blankets embellished with huge pom poms and tassels and I can’t help but want to go out and thrift a blanket and a few rolls of bright yarn (as if I don’t have enough) to make one! The weather here in San Francisco has been a bit nippy and I’m jonesing for more ways to stay warm, and what better way than a cartoony throw?

This DIY has been around for a few years, yet I continue to see it in styled spaces and shops, so I thought I’d do a short round-up of ways to add these poufy poms to a blanket:

  1. DIY Giant Tassel Throw via Bre Purposed


2. DIY Chunky Tassel Blanket via Design Sponge


3. Tassel Throw Blanket DIY via Tidbits


4. DIY Anthro Inspired Tassel Throw via Sarah M. Dorsey Designs


5. Pom Pom Blanket DIY via Better Homes and Gardens


Thank goodness I actually do have more yarn than I know what to do with! Time to start planning for Winter # 2 and of course, Fall 🙂


The Finished Fjellse


A Stained Fjellse Bed Frame on The Tufted Blog

I mentioned in my For the Love of Fjellse post weeks ago that I would reveal my finished Fjellse bed frame. It’s been a while but I finally got around to photographing it and this is the result:

A Stained Fjellse Bed Frame on The Tufted Blog

A Stained Fjellse Bed Frame on The Tufted Blog

A Stained Fjellse Bed Frame on The Tufted BlogI am extremely pleased with the stain and how the frame helped simplify and give structure to my bed. My mattress had originally been resting on the futon I’d bought when I first moved to San Francisco and it drove me crazy!

The frame is lower to the ground as well, making my ceilings seem a little taller, and the color goes perfectly with the bohemian aesthetic of my room. I would seriously recommend this frame to anyone looking to transform their bedroom with a low-cost and easy DIY.

For the Love of Fjellse

When I can’t shake an idea or project that’s been brewing in my head, I hold on to it until I’ve seen it through. Finding and staining a Fjellse was one of those projects.

It was a simple DIY really. I researched IKEA’s cheapest bed frame and the fabulous ways you could hack it, and found there weren’t many examples of stained Fjellses on the web (not even Pinterest!), so I wanted to document my own project.


DSC_0066I managed to find mine in perfect condition, with slats, for way less than it was already worth, and my boyfriend Max and I picked it up and brought it to his house. I used a quart of wood stain (“Early Amerian” Minwax brand stain specifically–my first stain was too orange) and a simple brush, and for the love of Fjellse, it sure looks great now.


DSC_0140I only used stain and a brush I bought for about 7 bucks at Home Depot and let the pieces dry over night. If I had stained each piece on the same day, it would have taken under two hours to complete.

DSC_0177Also, Max felt the need to stage me like this after I was finished, like a Fjellse staining boss. I’ll add the end result soon!

Photos by Max Krongaus