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Get the Look: Marjorie Green’s Apartment from Twin Peaks 2017

If you’re a Twin Peaks fan, you may already have devoured the first few episodes of the series’ revival–and been in utter bewilderment.

Max and I started the original months ago, and we’re only a few episodes shy of finishing. So I figured I’d take a stab at this new revival, see what those old faces look like today, and find some continuity within the series as a whole. Not the case! Well, the continuity part anyways. I’ve long known who murdered Laura Palmer, but what’s with the glass box? Is Shaggy (aka Matthew Lilllard) the new killer? WHO designed frantic neighbor Marjorie’s adorable vintage apartment–the only thing that makes sense to me!?

On that note, after my confusion I was inspired to gather a few resources for getting the look of her MidMod pad, and I searched everywhere for a still shot of the place (and more info on what the heck I was watching). Enjoy!


Where to buy:

Floral Sofa

Vintage Side Table


Mid-Century Modern Lamp

Coffee Table

Rotary Phone

Lounge Chair

Floral Still Life Painting

Have you seen the new Twin Peaks?

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Renegade Craft Fair SF: Vendors I’m Still Shopping From

This is just a spur of the moment post, but I wanted to share a few of the vendors at Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco that I just loved, and whose shops I’m still browsing!

Norwegian Wood:

A chic shop selling everything from furniture to hanging planters!


This Berkeley artist is all about macrame, and these knotted nests are what got me!

Local and Lejos:

A shop I’ve adored before, Local & Lejos features work from artisans around the world. Really diggin’ that serape!

Sarah Duyer:

Sarah Duyer creates playful and geometric ceramic pieces including planters and bowls, and a few very chic dip glazed pieces.


The hand embroidered flats (and many many other pieces created by talented Palestinian women artists) from Darzah caught my eye as I wandered through the aisles of Renegade.

Res Ipsa:

Arguably my favorite vendor, Res Ipsa turns Turkish kilims into flats, loafers, and the most gorgeous bags and backpacks!


I fall hard for woven anything–which is why I stopped to ogle Moccian’s woven bags, totes, and clutches.

Lazy Lotus:

I’ve burned these candles every night since Renegade. They are the most affordable, fragrant candles I’ve had and I will soon stock up on more jars!

Have you attended any of the Renegade craft fairs? What artisan or crafter do you recommend?

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The Tufted Flea

I’m on Spring break for the first time in…4 years? It’s become such a novelty for me, this educational interval, and needless to say I’m grateful for the extra free time! This will be a week of catching up on sewing projects (aka sewing class homework) after work, buying more lumber for my side table (post to follow when I’m finished!), and now, working on my new Etsy shop, The Tufted Flea! I’ve had so many pieces lying around that I’ve been meaning to sell–though frankly I’ve become attached to many of them who now sit on different surfaces of my apartment–and I finally shot a few, edited my photos, and set up shop (again).

The Tufted Flea will feature vintage goods, funky finds, and hopefully furniture and my own handmade pieces. I’ll slowly accumulate more product as time goes on, but until then, see if anything strikes your fancy–welcome to The Tufted Flea!

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On Life, Adventures Home, and Falsa Blankets

Sorry for the late post! Life’s been pretty hectic, as usual, and I tend to bite off more than I can chew. My motivation to post on The Tufted more often has dipped a bit, and I’m struggling to juggle everything and still find some personal time. I wish I could dedicate more time to all of the creative stuff I love, like creating posts on this blog, or taking photography classes, or finally making my curtains longer by sewing more fabric and my leftover thrifted tassels onto the bottoms. Even in woodworking, I’m not able to spend more time in the workshop than the length of the class period. Life’s a grind, and being a creative in an expensive city is a grind. But I’m slowly working my way toward something.

I spent the weekend home in San Diego, basking in the sunshine, exploring every part of the city, and enjoying time with my family, friends, and pups. I miss home and nice weather, and I’m looking forward to warmer times, in every sense.

Before I went home, I made the decision to embark on a quest–for a Mexican falsa blanket. Truthfully, I’m not sure how I developed this mania of falsa blankets, but I’ve always loved Mexican and South American textiles in general, and I find them frequently in bohemian and vintage interiors. I’m also always looking for pieces of home and the stereotypical beachyness of Southern California. In the home tour of my friends’ apartment, you can find a falsa draped over their bite sized love seat–a perfect accent within the space of a couple from the California coast.

A bit of history about these blankets–erapes and falsas were woven by the indigenous Chichimecs of Mexico, and found within “poorer communities of Mexico and Guatemala” in precolonial days. Falsas in particular today are a blend of different materials including “acrylic, polyester, and cotton”.

There’s something really nonchalant, yet energetic about these blankets, so I set out to find one against the will of my mother who believed she could find a cheaper one during her frequent travels to Tijuana and Baja (you can’t get cheaper than 11 bucks, so waiting was out of the question). Anyway, I settled on this over saturated beauty (and came back from the trip with a few other goodies):

Yes, I found my falsa amidst a pile of several other falsas at a kitschy shop in Old Town after looking through a few stores like a tourist (and in my defense we were with one, a good family friend), but this one stood out from the bunch! So far I’ve draped it over my bed, washed it, then decided to fold it with my other blankets. I went looking for falsa inspiration and decided this post would feature the many ways in which you can use this iconic textile.

As a coverlet.

A super affordable way to a bedroom with a boho vibe and a pop of color and pattern. Seriously, it beats a $100, or even $50 duvet.

via Apartment Therapy
via Apartment Therapy

As a throw.

Because obviously. Falsas are warm! Cozy up with one on the sofa.

via Lovely Living
via Sfgirlbybay

As a throw pillow.

Falsas are equally as cool when DIYed for pillows!

via Pearmama

As a tablecloth. 

Perfect as a tablecloth for a wedding, kitchen, or hackneyed “Indie” al fresco Summer dinner.

via Seven Oaks

As upholstery.

Who knew that a fauteuil and a falsa were such a perfect match?

via Birch & Brass

Thoughts on juggling life, or falsa blankets?

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A Persian Rug and a Mid-Century Nursery


A week ago, I was inspired by a little Persian runner on Chairish with colors I thought would be fantastic for a nursery: yellow, blue, and red. A few nights later I had dinner with two former coworkers (and now good friends!), one of which has two adorable, quickly growing twin toddlers, so the topic naturally turned to them. I took that as a sign to put together a nursery designed around the rug.

I love the combination of Persian or “traditional” style rugs with a MidMod aesthetic, so needless to say I went with that theme–and after finding a few cute vintage pieces, including a vintage Eames style rocker in bright yellow and an amazing new, modern crib from DwellStudio, the look came together. It ended up being a fairly modern look with bits of Mid-Century inspiration.

Now I’m not looking into having kids anytime soon, but I find nursery design so fun! It’s definitely a place to take the objects you loved as a child and create a whimsical space for your own…or simply enjoy designing with less “adult” items (notice the Nate Berkus llama–I HAD to add it!). Enjoy!


Where to shop:

  1. Zoreh Persian Rug from Chairish

2. Mid-Century Modern Sunburst Pendant from Chairish

3. DwellStudio Crib from DwellStudio

4. Fiberglass Rocker from Etsy

5. MCM Dresser from Chairish

6. Honeycomb Shelves from Etsy

7. Llama Plush from Target

Are you planning a nursery soon?

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Mid-Century Modern Favorites From Target X Dwell

I’m a vintage kinda gal more than anything, so only on occasion will I dive into a Dwell magazine issue. However, I’m a design lover overall and a sucker for Target collabs–which is why I was as ecstatic as the next person that Target and Dwell were combining forces to create a modern line to accompany Target’s already up and coming (and FABULOUS) home decor collection. The Modern line includes sleek, streamlined furniture with geometric frames and wire legs, modern pillows and throws, and items for the kitchen and patio. There are a few of these items that give me a MidMod vibe, so I thought I’d share my favorites.


  1. Retro Wool Rug

This rug has a mod (but also very 70s) vibe with its simple mirrored swirls. Definitely a modern piece that will fit into a retro home. Modern has a few of these rugs in similar patterns and bright colors.

2. Metallic Cocktail Glasses

These cool cocktail glasses are adorned with a metallic, architectural pattern too reminiscent of Mid-Century Modern architecture. The Eames would be pleased.

3. Owl Speaker

Leaning toward the modern side (considering that it IS an adorable speaker) of the spectrum, this adorable wooden bird calls to mind the MCM obsession with owls. Think macrame owl hangings, embroidered crewelwork owls, and owl inspired home trinkets.

4. Copper Lantern

This copper lantern is a handy little atomic inspired piece to keep out on the patio for modern style and lighting.

5. Modern Bookends

Tell me these don’t remind you of a MidMod cone-shaped fireplace!? If MidMod is too much for you but you appreciate the aesthetic, these bookends are perfect.

What’s your favorite part of this line?

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Furniture Love: Tufted Velvet Seating

As my blog name implies, I LOVE tufted furniture, and particularly pieces in velvet or velour. Scrolling through a secondhand website like Craigslist or Chairish (which I quite literally do daily) and stumbling upon a funky, retro piece dotted with tight buttons and shimmering in tacky velour is one of those amazing “little things” that only an old furniture geek understands.

At the end of November, I started working for a vintage furniture company, and these velvet morsels are always popping up in our queue. So needless to say, this round-up is all about the tufted velvet seat! I was inspired by an exquisite (and affordable!) lime green velvet sofa on Chairish and started searching for more, though truly I’m always on the lookout for these pieces. But I thought I’d gather a few secondhand tufted velvet chairs and couches that are more readily available online and that will add a bit of that 70s chic panache to your space.


Where to shop:

  1. Green Velour Sofa from Chairish
  2. Retro Floral Accent Chair from Chairish
  3. Mid-Century Modern Aqua Chairs from Etsy
  4. Pink MCM Tufted Chairs from Etsy
  5. Orange Tufted Couch from Etsy

Which is your favorite?