New Year’s “Home Decor” Resolutions for 2018

Anyone else reeling from the holidays? December and November were a giant cluster-f**k of traveling (somehow we managed two trips up north), working, and frantically finishing class projects. Biting off more than I can chew is what drives me–the season was a success, but I’d be a mess if it didn’t culminate in the much needed three day “holiday” weekend I just experienced. Three days of sleeping in, working on a new online class that I’m stoked for, and spending time with friends and family…and writing out some New Year’s Resolutions.

Our space will never be complete–that is the reality of a thrifter/vintage lover. There will always be a tchotchke to collect or some new rattan piece to buy off of Craigslist and squeeze into our studio…but this year, and speaking of hoarding, I’d like to cut back on buying home decor and shape our space into something a little less cluttered and filled only with pieces we love. Matching our bedding wouldn’t hurt either (hah). So that is the gist of my 2018 interior design/home decor New Year’s Resolution, and I’ve laid out some specifics to elaborate.

1. Buy Cohesive bedding:

I love mis-matched textiles…really I do. But at the moment, our bed is a little too eclectic. Like, random childhood wool blanket draped over a purple fleece blanket with grandma style floral flannel pillowcases eclectic. I DO have a lovely Anthropologie quilt in storage–but it’s all frills and too much of a pain to clean–and I love me a cozy flannel, but I was a San Diego gal living in San Francisco…below 60 was Antarctica. So it’s time for some cooler sheets (and time to let go of the grandma florals).

2. Downsize:

Like I mentioned, I’d like to pare down the clutter around our studio…well, what is mostly my stuff. Max is the minimalist here! I’ve entertained the idea of donating or selling 50 items over the next month. It won’t be an episode of ‘Hoarders’, but it might be painful, so we’ll see how difficult it is for me to part with my odds and ends. Case in point, I don’t really need 100 bird figurines (or do I?). Our new plan is to move back up north again in September (more on that later), so having as little as possible will help, and I have a minute to really get sh*t done.

3. Organize our kitchen:

Max and I received several handy kitchen gadgets (eg. a pressure cooker and spiralizer!!) for Christmas, but the lack of open shelving in our hamster sized galley kitchen means we’ve relegated that stack of boxes to a corner–which we push aside to get to our stove (it wouldn’t be a real studio if we weren’t stepping over things hazardously). The other empty-ish corner has been taken by our makeshift kitchen stool shelf that we stack things on. So a serious Ikea trip or Craigslist binge is in order so we can find a real one.

4. Frame loose prints:

This seems like an obvious thing, but those frames ain’t cheap! Particularly when you have a stack of prints under the bed, and the sofa, and in a paper bag hung up on your coat rack…like I do. But paring those down will help, right?

5. Design our building’s balcony:

This is a small project I would love to take on in a few paychecks time! Our four-plex features a second floor balcony that is currently home to large arachnids that could punch me if I tried to sweep them away. So hopefully Max and I will clear out what (and who) we can and start sprucing up that space.

Happy New Year everyone! New Year’s resolutions?

Intuitive Decorating, Or Creating a Home That Reflects You

The concept of “intuitive eating”–eating what you’re hungry for when you’re hungry, and when you feel you need to–is one I learned of months ago, and an ongoing diet trend that appears to be part of a larger, more recent lifestyle zeitgeist.

Though I’ve been interior obsessed for what seems like almost a decade, I still find myself on Cosmo-like, click-bait charged interior design blogs (ahem, MyDomaine) clicking titles that usually read something like “The Design Mistakes You’re Totally Making”, or “An Interior Designer Would Never Make These Rookie Mistakes”. Naturally I like to know what exactly I don’t know, which most often is a lot! But I’m also the kind of gal who likes a bit of eclecticism and creating her own rules. So lately I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find this piece of advice when scrolling through a list (see this lovely article on Design Sponge) of DOs and DONTS: do let your home reflect you and what you love.

via Domino

As much as I love a catalog space, and on occasion long for some minimalism, my home (well in this case, the perpetual bedroom I have to work with) wouldn’t be my own without the treasures I’ve collected throughout my wanderings. I can create moodboards and perfect pairings, but our home (aka Max and I) will come together organically.

And I’m not saying there’s nothing to learn from design articles or that you shouldn’t listen to experts that offer design advice (obviously, they know their sh*t!), but I’m pushing for that new world where we can be comfortable in both our bodies and our spaces.

Thoughts on designing a space that’s YOU?

Home In Sunny San Diego

Nearly two weeks ago, on a Wednesday morning after a few months to prep emotionally and pare my life down to what would fit in my Jeep and a sizable U-Haul, I left my beautiful home in the Bay with Max so we could both begin anew here in my hometown of San Diego. It was a bittersweet ending and I find myself still terribly homesick for San Francisco, and my friends and the wonderful people who came into my life there. It was a journey I’ll never forget, and something tells me Max and I may one day call the Bay home again.

So needless to say, it’s been a whirlwind coming here and getting adjusted, as I’ve frequently recounted to everyone who’s asked. On one hand I’m glad to be home…I’m close to family, in the sunshine again, finally moving in with Max, and with my friends here…but there is so much about my life in the Bay that I feel I’m missing, and that “reverse culture shock” I’m feeling still sits pretty heavily in my chest, and in lumps in my throat when I find myself alone, which is frequently at night while Max is off tying up loose ends back in the Bay Area. But I’ll continue to adjust and will hopefully find a balance once again between my work life, family life, relationship life, and writing. I love this blog, but it’s a lot to keep up. I will try my best to get a few new stories up that I have in mind. I’ll also be exploring the amazing world of vintage, thrifting, and antiquing that Southern California has to offer. It’s a new adventure for sure!

A Cluttered Life

In the midst of a seriously magical trip to New York City, my birthday festivities, and a string of activity filled weekends (including a few catering gigs), I’ve been mentally and physically preparing (aka editing things out of my room) for a huge move with Max this July. Needless to say, I haven’t been posting as much, and everything in my life seems to be so cluttered as of late. I’ll try to pick up some slack here and post more soon!

“Collected…Not Decorated”


I completely agree! My favorite spaces are filled with the individual’s personality and their collected treasures (also thank you to the now non-existent blogger who created this little graphic).

It’s been months since I’ve posted but I’m going to try to get back on track here in a few weeks. Life has been crazy busy and I’ve been in and out of creative jobs (the life of a contractor!) and interning at an interior design startup in the San Francisco Bay Area. I hope to be writing again very soon!