Furniture Love: Tufted Velvet Seating

As my blog name implies, I LOVE tufted furniture, and particularly pieces in velvet or velour. Scrolling through a secondhand website like Craigslist or Chairish (which I quite literally do daily) and stumbling upon a funky, retro piece dotted with tight buttons and shimmering in tacky velour is one of those amazing “little things” that only an old furniture geek understands.

At the end of November, I started working for a vintage furniture company, and these velvet morsels are always popping up in our queue. So needless to say, this round-up is all about the tufted velvet seat! I was inspired by an exquisite (and affordable!) lime green velvet sofa on Chairish and started searching for more, though truly I’m always on the lookout for these pieces. But I thought I’d gather a few secondhand tufted velvet chairs and couches that are more readily available online and that will add a bit of that 70s chic panache to your space.


Where to shop:

  1. Green Velour Sofa from Chairish
  2. Retro Floral Accent Chair from Chairish
  3. Mid-Century Modern Aqua Chairs from Etsy
  4. Pink MCM Tufted Chairs from Etsy
  5. Orange Tufted Couch from Etsy

Which is your favorite?

Curated Craigslist: A Deep Blue Ottoman

Inspired by a bold, navy Moroccan-style pouf, this small mix of pieces was meant to be a tad boho (of course) and chic with gold accents and a floral Anthropologie rug (you know I’d be all over this if I had the room!). Oh, and I should mention I’ve seen the adorable little World Market settee in person and had to add it! I hope you enjoy:


Craigslist Items:

A Chair in “Golden Poppy”

A Chair in "Golden Poppy"

I went through a phase where I was constantly changing my bedding every few months. My heart was never set on just one blanket or comforter, and I was always falling in love with new pieces I’d find on Anthropologie (though not actually buying them) or home goods stores.

I recall a persnickety roommate’s remark after I’d brought one from home to our Davis apartment-“another new blanket!?” she chided. Yes, former roommate whose bedroom and taste are both quite basic-that was another piece of bedding. I am after all a creative and the product of an interior design mother who never left my childhood bedroom in the same design state for more than a few months.

So in light of this fact, I’m not ashamed to say that I have the same issue with chairs lately. I love what they can do to a room, and though I recently found a curbside chair, I still yearned for another; something cozier and more in tune with my eclectic taste. Scavenging through craigslist, this “Golden Poppy” vintage velour swivel chair was up for sale and I drove in the early morning to retrieve it. Needless to say, I adore my new tufted chair and relish the name it was given and how awesome it looks with my Pendleton blanket:

A Chair in "Golden Poppy"

A Chair in "Golden Poppy"

A Chair in "Golden Poppy"

The “Golden Poppy” chair replaced my curbside find, but I plan to refurbish it sometime later. I feel as though I’ve found the perfect chair for my style and bedroom and am constantly inviting Max to have a smoke in it or my roommates to give it a whirl. I plan to buy another new piece in the near future and will provide The Tufted with a long spiel about it as well.

Thrifty Finds and Flowers on Piedmont Avenue

A few weeks ago I journeyed to the Piedmont area of Oakland to pick up a lovely chair I found on Craiglist (I’ll be featuring it soon!). I had visited once during college with a friend who grew up there and was smitten with Piedmont Avenue. Years later, I finally had my chance to explore after picking up my chair.



I didn’t take many photos of the street, though I’m sure I’ll be back for some design and post inspiration, but I found the adorable Mille Fiori flower stand tucked into an alley of shops and a funky local mural, among other things.

Piedmont Avenue is filled with local markets, cafes and restaurants, and secondhand and vintage shops like Rare Bird and Resurrect (both AMAZING stores!). I stumbled upon The American Cancer Society’s awesome thrift store just off of the street and found a collection of cheap vintage clothing, artwork, eclectic oddities, and furniture-if I had the room I’d be back for those orange velour chairs!



I was absolutely enthralled by this adorable embroidered cushion, but decided I didn’t need more pillows! I hope someone takes this rare piece home with them, perhaps another folk art enthusiast.



Ironically, I found a pair of orange velour chairs after I’d picked up mine. They weren’t priced yet, but I’m sure they cost way less than what I paid for mine! I will hopefully be back again soon to scavenge for more unique pieces like these.

Earrings & Patterns for Days

IMG_0464 (1)I’ve had years of thrifting practice. My love of dusty old vintage pieces and oddities has led me to some awesome thrift and antique stores, estate sales, and garage sales in almost every town I’ve visited. On occasion, I make the long walk to Haight St. and push through crowds of modern beatniks and tourists to visit their fabulously fashionable Goodwill and the plethora of other vintage clothing and jewelry stores on the street.

Recently on Haight, I made a few thrifty detours –one while walking to Coffee to the People, and the other while on my way to sell clothes at Crossroads. Aside from the 70s trend I’m noticing everywhere (and not the usual Haight stuff), I found some awesome patterned pieces at Wasteland that I freaking adored but didn’t end up buying. I also stopped into some other boutiques (found some great hippie pants at Buffalo Exchange), and of course Goodwill, where I scored some vintage earrings:

Adventures in Thrifting: Earrings & Patterns for Days on "The Tufted" Blog

Adventures in Thrifting: Earrings & Patterns for Days on "The Tufted" BlogI’m usually in luck when I sift through Goodwill’s basket of earrings, but I was especially pleased with these new finds! Not to mention, I was in desperate need of some classy dangles.

After hauling my bag of clothes to Crossroads on my most recent trip, I swapped it for a blazer and Zara denim shirt with some fringe and sequins. I later SCORED once again at Goodwill and found crystal studs, crazy gold earrings, and a handbag that had to have been made for me (I’m a Taurus, so I was sold by the bull on the front):

Adventures in Thrifting: Earrings & Patterns for Days on "The Tufted" Blog

Adventures in Thrifting: Earrings & Patterns for Days on "The Tufted" Blog

Thrifting is definitely a passion of mine. I love the serendipity of it and am usually surprised by the things I find, and this time my thrift haul was superb.


Curbside Serendipity or “I Found a Chair!”

After some bad news I went about my day as usual, surprisingly optimistic about the future. I have a relatively stable life and I’m living it to the fullest. Learning as much as I can in my current positions at work, exploring San Francisco and the Bay Area, spending time with my boyfriend, and finally blogging a whole lot.

I like to think things find me rather than me finding them. If it’s a goofy duck basket at a thrift store (I collect them), it was meant for me to take it home (that might be my hoarding mentality, but you get the picture). So after a long day and a crowded Muni ride, I walked up my street and found three curbside chairs right at my doorstep! Or in this case, the bottom of my stoop.

I didn’t think twice. Obviously the universe put them there for me, so I had my pick of identical metal and vinyl chairs and a rocking chair. My room is tiny, so I went with one of the twins, and it fit perfectly between my bookshelf and the closet door:

I Found a Chair! on The TuftedI must say, I love the weird green vinyl and the look of this little guy. I named him George and he was seriously a welcome surprise! In lieu of a chair I can’t afford after all, I have George, and only wonder now if I should reupholster him in teal or keep the weirdness? I am an eccentric individual myself, but a reupholstery DIY could be fun!

The next morning his twin was still left outside. I wanted to take him but know I can’t fit him into my bedroom:

IMG_0714So if anyone is in the Inner Richmond in San Francisco looking for a free chair, George’s dapper twin might still be on the sidewalk waiting for a good DIY. Suffice it to say, I’m very happy with my new find. Or he’s happy with me.