An Ongoing Trend: Sediment, Swirls & Stone

In a post a while back, I discussed a trend I love in interior design, and one that has enjoyed more than a few minutes in the decor spotlight: stone. On the walls, as furniture, or in artwork (or represented as such), I love the organic appeal of stone and its ability to add a sense of opulence to a space.

An speaking of, in general I’ve become quite taken with organic modern design. Maybe it’s that longing for minimalism I mentioned earlier, or the coziness that natural accents, like a woven rug or live edge table bring, but every time I stumble upon a home tour where a room is more or less filled with wooden furniture and layers of natural textiles–and of course, a fuzzy rug or sheepskin–I just want to throw all of my random findings out the window and bring in the neutrals!

Not really…but I do love love love the idea of organic modern and the feeling of calm it gives me. Stone gives me that same sense, with some added glam, and I’ve watched designers and creatives turn the trend into marbled swirls of pattern on walls and floors, and layers of color in artwork.

The first time I saw this sediment wallpaper browsing through Pinterest, I was smitten and knew I would try to recreate it (or find the wallpaper) in my own home (one day…).

Sarah Sherman Samuels’ M.O. is designing bright textiles filled with both geometric and organic patterns. This is from her new series of wallpapers!

This “geode” floor created by Pernille Snedker Hansen is color eye candy and so unique! One of the coolest floor “DIYs” I’ve seen (though really it’s her ow beautiful artwork and process).

When it comes to the agate/geode trend, Anthropologie knows what’s up. Not only do they sell an agate top side table, but they also offer this beauty in a few colors.

I love the bold colors in this painting. Not stone, but the layers allude to something similar.

Layers of fringe and fiber? Yes, please! This woven wall hanging from a home tour on The Design Files is stunning and a wonderful example of how organic design moves across mediums. It was created by the home’s owner and a co-founder of this workshop on The Windsor Workshop! Personally, I hope to be able to create pieces like these someday.

The Decor In the Stone

Aside from seeing them at my local metaphysical apothecary (the Sword and Rose if any of you San Franciscans happen to be in need of one), or in the layers of sediment on the beach cliffs when I’m back home visiting San Diego, I’ve noticed a really beautiful trend in design that ranges from amethyst countertops to agate accent tables. Crystal pieces are also popping up everywhere as chic coffee and end table styling and as a part of lighting of all kinds.

I don’t own many crystals or truly find power in them, but I love a good mix of earthy materials like clay or wood in a design, and I’m diggin’ this stone and crystal trend:

My heart be still–this kitchen is stunning in sedimentary rock (hopefully I have this correct haha). I love the mix of stone and sleek wooden cabinetry! Purely earth, stainless steel, and modern design.

Glam meets crystal in this Anthro accent table! It’s surface is covered in sparkling agate slices–a seriously gorgeous piece.

What better way to add this trend into your space than by replacing old knobs with glam gilded crystals?

Sconces have been a popular lighting trend in the past year and this quartz crystal and brass sconce combo is the chicest mix!

First of all this room is amazing–the chinoiserie wallpaper, the lucite console and ottomans–but the quartz lamp really adds to the resplendent feel of it all.

So is this trend crystal clear? Thoughts?