Gorgeous and Green

I had a grand shopping adventure a few days ago while waiting to meet Max in Oakland. My East Bay travels took my from Telegraph and College Avenues in Berkeley to the lower area of College Ave. in Rockridge. I love Berkeley and explore whenever I can, usually in areas around campus. This time I visited the awesome and very vintage thrift store Mars Mercantile and bought myself a floral 90’s skirt that I fell in love with (and who knew the decade I grew up in is considered vintage now? I’m not even hitting 30 yet!). The rest was … Continue reading Gorgeous and Green

Companies That Sell Global Goods & Help Artisans

I love the push for sustainability and fair trade that’s been happening in recent years. With everyone concerned about the dangerous changes in our environment, designers and businesses are seeking to use recycled materials and locally sourced items for their creations. Similarly, society has become more conscious of poorer communities of the world, and many organizations have worked to create better and more sustainable economies for them. I wanted to share with you some companies who sell home goods from global artisans, promote their crafts, and dedicate themselves to making sure these amazing makers receive fair wages for their work: … Continue reading Companies That Sell Global Goods & Help Artisans