Interior Art: Paintings I’d Love to Live In

Not long ago I posted about my fascination with Hunt Slonem’s electric paintings of textiles and interiors. Looking through my art Pinboards, I realized I have a general love of interior renderings, especially of the painterly variety.

I’ve always had a thing for still life paintings and depictions of food and flowers (and particularly flowers), and lately my eye has been drawn to art most closely related to Fauvism–pieces with bold color and expression–and that depict spaces. I’ve been delighted to find that there’s a world of artists who paint interiors. Some are known for their lush floral paintings and drawings, while others just seem to be fascinated by super bright spaces. Not only are these pieces beautiful to look at, but they provide so much interior design inspiration, and I’m seriously diggin’ the homes and spaces of whatever imaginary individuals live there. Here are a few:

The bright, boho, and layered paintings of Anna Valdez:

I probably couldn’t keep a collection of plants like this alive, but I’d be in heaven if my place were covered, carpet-to-wall, in colorful patterned textiles! That macbook and rug are totally my aesthetic (hah).

The feminine florals and pastel paintings of Lulie Wallace:

I’ve followed Lulie Wallace for a while on Instagram now, and I know one day I’ll purchase one of her paintings. But it didn’t occur to me until I did my research that she has a delightful collection of interior artwork, and some where she’s incorporated the mixed media bouquets that make her work so special! This kitchen is a patterned, pastel dream and such an “artsy” little space.

The boho, flora filled renderings of Elizabeth Barnett:

Definitely one of my favorites, this gal paints the most incredible bohemian spaces, most filled with vines, fiddle leaf trees, furniture I would absolutely thrift, and textiles. Can I live in this room, please?

The quaint and colorful paintings of Becca Stadtlander:

Becca Stadtlander’s artwork is full of “everyday objects” as she mentions in her bio, including plates, fruits, detailed vases full of bouquets, and teacups. At first glance, I got a “European country cottage” vibe from her work, but it also spans landscape and animal illustration. I loved this particular rendering for the wallpapers and detailed plates.

The saturated, collage-like artwork of Jenny Wheatley:

Jenny Wheatley’s aesthetic reminded me of Becca’s, but with a collage-like twist. The objects in her work seem to be playfully thrown together, furniture, animals, view, and all–just how I like my spaces!

Which of these rooms would you love to live in?

Fantastic Peacock Chairs and Where to Use Them: 7 Chic Ideas

After a few-decade stint in Saudi Arabia, and some adventures in other parts of the world, my grandparents had amassed a collection of some of the most beautiful textiles and objects I’ve ever seen. From Persian rugs collected during the 70s in Iran, to beautiful etched brass tea sets and poufs bought in my grandma’s native Morocco, these treasures were displayed all over the home where they settled in a San Diego suburb. Once in a while my parents would drive my brothers and I over to visit, and truthfully, most of what they had seemed to me like part of a larger background of “stuff”; the average American living room…except for the resplendent peacock chair in the corner.

I don’t recall any strong feelings toward my grandparents’ peacock chair, or any desire to “thrift” it from them. Actually I didn’t really care at all, about thrifting or interior design, or furniture, and I wonder at my indifference now as I covet that chair and other pieces in that house like crazy!

On that note, peacock chairs have been popular in interiors over the years, and on my end, they continue to be regulars on my social feeds and the blogs I love. Usually adorning bohemian living rooms as accent seating, I’ve noticed several other ways designers have used these iconic chairs. Here are a few of these:

1. In the Dining Room

Throwing a peacock into your mix of dining chairs is the perfect way to add a regal bohemian or vintage element to your dining room. In the first case, a simple wicker peacock chair makes a lovely addition to its glam, modern space.

2. In the Office

Nothing says “I’m the boss” like sitting on a chic wicker throne behind your home office desk or cubicle (if you manage to sneak one in). The organic design of a peacock chair offers ideal contrast to an otherwise sterile workspace or conventional office!


3. At Your Wedding

Peacock chairs–especially double peacocks–offer the most romantic seating option at a wedding, in my bohemian opinion. Use them as seating for the bride and groom or scatter them throughout the reception and dinner tables for guests.

4. On the Patio

Peacocks are the ideal chair for the outdoors with their durable wicker/rattan frames. Luckily, these chairs are a marriage of beautiful boho form and function and look just gorgeous as loungers in a courtyard or patio.

5. As Side Seating

One of my favorite examples of wicker peacock chairs in decor, this particular home has created a corner vignette with TWO of them, and an ottoman and small side table in between. I’ve sat in a rather large peacock chair with my laptop at work, and it felt as though my screen was protected by the large fan behind me (not that I was doing anything but work of course! *wink*). I imagine this phenomenon would be similar during a party, when two friends (or strangers) are looking to have a private conversation away from the rest of the crowd. Also, how lovely does an early morning cup of coffee with a friend or spouse while sitting in these chairs sound?

6. In the Bedroom

Waking up to one of these chic wicker chairs in the corner of my bedroom is definitely #bedroomgoals. Adding a pillow and a throw would offer the perfect mix of cozy and vintage.

7. In the Nursery

You may need a wider seat, but designing your nursery with a pillow filled peacock chair–and a pouf to kick up your feet–will offer both a comfortable seat for you and your baby, and a unique boho/vintage design element for their first room. Start fueling those bohemian dreams while they’re young!

Have you designed space or event with a peacock chair?

Curated Craigslist: A Pair of Pink Chairs

My current living situation is such that I have a single, small bedroom to fill with the treasures and trinkets I find during my wanderings. Meaning I have filled each square foot of real estate in here (from where I write) with a piece of furniture of some sort, and nearly all of my wall space with artwork and other hanging things. I also have a tufted chair that I LOVE, so it leaves me no room for the pair of absolutely to-die-for Mid-Century Modern chairs I found on Craigslist about a week ago (insert crying emoji)!

Sure, as my heart burst, I thought of giving it all up for these chairs. At $150, they’re a steal, and it appears as though they roll around on little brass casters–sooo MidMod chic! During my brief mania over the pair, my boyfriend kindly reminded me that I had no room, and well, not a whole lot of cash, to bring them home. So I turned to my blog to show anyone out there reading that these beauties are still up on SF Craigslist.

This Curated Craigslist is a mix of contemporary and vintage pieces, including the MCM chairs, and some florals thrown in for a chic, feminine look. The black trunk was another spectacular find for this collection, and the gray velvet sofa just seemed to work perfectly with the whole look!



Links to Shop:

Pink Chairs

Floral Rug

Gray Sofa

Floral Pillows

Black Trunk

Black Side Table

Design Inspiration From the Alice & Olivia Shop

For someone who loves textiles, it’s ironic I’m not more in love with fashion. Don’t get me wrong–I do love vintage pieces and thrifting for clothes, and a good embroidered blouse–but I like my fabrics on furniture and the design of a rug more. So when I walked into Alice & Olivia, a peppy designer boutique on Fillmore St. here in the city with my roommate, I was the one ogling the furniture while the others ogled the merchandise (and I will admit, it IS adorable stuff). I’d been before, but I had my camera with me this time and decided to capture the Mid-Century velour pieces and to-die-for shelving used as props and sitting areas.

The Alice & Olivia boutique is an amalgamation of Mid-Century and 70s pieces, chic modern style, and pop art inspired clothing. Brown velour chairs are situated throughout the store while heels, hats, and purses style vintage silver and brass etageres–a Mod paradise. Oh, and there’s lots of reflective stuff, like a gorgeous gold trunk and mirrored wall that give it a funky, lavish feel. Definitely a fun place to check out for furniture, or fashion–whichever you’re into.



Assuming this portrait is of the designer–this piece is totally in cahoots with the black vinyl bench and zebra hide below.




Of course, my favorite pieces are the sofa and armchairs.


I forgot to snap photos of the dressing rooms, but they’re covered in vibrant wallpaper.


I’m sure this is the dressing room of Mod dreams for some. No, I’m not into this style, but I can’t get over the shelves and chairs, and look at the maze on that upholstery!


MCM brass etageres–the prep in me wants a pair for my bedroom displaying my favorite pieces.


And a shot of my roommate, a die-hard fan of Alice & Olivia.

Are you an Alice & Olivia fan?

A Persian Rug and a Mid-Century Nursery


A week ago, I was inspired by a little Persian runner on Chairish with colors I thought would be fantastic for a nursery: yellow, blue, and red. A few nights later I had dinner with two former coworkers (and now good friends!), one of which has two adorable, quickly growing twin toddlers, so the topic naturally turned to them. I took that as a sign to put together a nursery designed around the rug.

I love the combination of Persian or “traditional” style rugs with a MidMod aesthetic, so needless to say I went with that theme–and after finding a few cute vintage pieces, including a vintage Eames style rocker in bright yellow and an amazing new, modern crib from DwellStudio, the look came together. It ended up being a fairly modern look with bits of Mid-Century inspiration.

Now I’m not looking into having kids anytime soon, but I find nursery design so fun! It’s definitely a place to take the objects you loved as a child and create a whimsical space for your own…or simply enjoy designing with less “adult” items (notice the Nate Berkus llama–I HAD to add it!). Enjoy!


Where to shop:

  1. Zoreh Persian Rug from Chairish

2. Mid-Century Modern Sunburst Pendant from Chairish

3. DwellStudio Crib from DwellStudio

4. Fiberglass Rocker from Etsy

5. MCM Dresser from Chairish

6. Honeycomb Shelves from Etsy

7. Llama Plush from Target

Are you planning a nursery soon?

Cozy Eclectic & Bohemian Corners

It’s pouring and windy and full of…weather…here in San Francisco.

When it comes down to it, I prefer sunny, unbearably hot weather (I’m an anomaly). So after getting off the bus this afternoon I ran to my apartment, locked myself in my bedroom, and sat until my space heater filled the room. A few DIYs later, I skimmed my Pinterest feed for cozy, layered rooms and corners perfect for this kind of dreary-ness.

My room is full of smaller vignettes like bookshelves filled with trinkets and books, or clusters of artwork. I love how you can tell a story and show your style through a single small corner by really layering it with personal treasures, objects, and textures. And often, these spaces become personal retreats where you can curl up with a book or your laptop. Currently these are some of the corners that make me want to redesign a small space where I can get cozy (and eclectic) for the Winter.


I love love love this simple corner! This was my inspiration for this post. How could this not be the coziest, most beautiful space? First off, it’s is designed around the heater (what could be warmer?), and second there are so many cozy draped elements that give it a very relaxed, bohemian feel. A furry sheepskin and pillow rest on a long bench, and all are surrounded by hanging vines and sunlight.

This is only a vignette because of its photo angle, but I love the sheepskin and Moroccan rug and pouf, and of course the gorgeous Mid-Century Modern coffee table in the center–plenty of places to sit and be comfy, with a small chair on one side to spend time to yourself. Also vintage pieces tend to give a space a lived-in feel.

Creating a comfortable corner really comes down to a few things: layers of blankets and pillows, fur, and a place to display your books and favorite personal pieces. That or Scandinavian spaces.

What’s that I was saying about having a place to display books? The floating shelves in this room and long bench create the perfect personal reading nook. Oh, and stark white walls help keep a room nice and bright–ideal for a dreary winter!

If white isn’t your thing, screw it–this dining space has black walls, plus a cluster of artwork, bright bistro lights, and plenty of soft sheepskins and throw pillows for cozy dining or alone time.

The old armchair and ottoman trick–but seriously, this room is so inviting with its puffy patterned seating and colorful Boucherouite rug! It’s the layers of textiles and collection of treasures I really adore about this space.

Always a fan of tufted velvet, this room is simply the coziest, brightest space with its pink vintage wingback chair and bookshelves.

How do you get cozy at home during the Winter?

Casa Artelexia in North Park, San Diego


“Love yourself.”

It’s something I learned to do, at least in part, during the months I worked for Casa Artelexia in San Diego, before my life-changing move to San Francisco. As I mentioned in a social media post after touring the new shop, I found so much of my confidence here and I learned to love my Mexican heritage, and I became even more enamored by Mexican folk art. I had had a sad few months trying to find work after I got back from college, was living at home, and was struggling internally with a long term relationship. I had remembered loving the shop and walked in to ask for work when Elexia, the talented woman who owned the store, offered me an internship. I was her first employee, and after a month of writing blog posts, a newsletter, and web copy, she hired me.

Working at Casa Artelexia was one of my favorite experiences. Her shop in Little Italy is filled with antiques, folk and modern art, textiles, and oddities unique to Mexico, and when I was working there, a large art gallery. Every week at Artelexia brought with it a new art show and a frenzy of shop admirers both Mexican and not, and I had the freedom to run her blog, craft and create, and simply enjoy time with visitors. When the time came to leave, Elexia supported my decision and even tried to help me find work in San Francisco. She’d also lived there.

Nearly three years later I keep in touch with Elexia, and her family and friends on occasion, and finally visited her brand new second shop in the North Park area of San Diego. I was completely amazed by the shop and the bohemian modern route she took with this addition to her business. I wanted to share it on my blog because I feel as though this is what The Tufted strives to be: authentic, inspired by vintage, bohemian, and respectful to all cultures.


This fantastic paper flower wall, like the one in the main shop in Little Italy, was designed and created by Tania Fischer. You can find her DIY tutorial to craft these yourself on her website. Artelexia has also hosted paper flower workshops and a myriad of others including adult wine and craft nights, coiled basketry (which I had the pleasure of teaching!), Nichos, pinatas, felt ornaments, papel picado, and so many more.




Casa Artelexia is a shoppable gallery of Mexican and bohemian folk art, much of it from southern Mexico in places like Oaxaca and Chiapas. The shop features whimsical pieces like painted Talavera pottery, traditional and modern textiles, artwork buy local artisans, and Mid-Century Modern furniture upholstered in Mexican and South American textiles (these are some of my favorites obviously). You can also pick up unique greeting and post cards and have your gift wrapped at the counter with confetti and papel picado.




When I visited Elexia this past Christmas, she had a vignette set up for the occasion with a mix of modern and vintage finds and craft accessories.





Every so often Elexia has the office of the new store open. The space is filled with art and items from her own collection that she’s displayed beautifully on vintage shelves and furniture.

Have you visited San Diego recently? Check out Casa Artelexia in North Park and Little Italy, and stop in for beautiful Mexican folk art, crafting, and great people!